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Vehicle springs from FRM Truck & Trailer Spares

We can deliver our great range of both custom made and branded springs for trucks and vans to ensure you get back on the road. Quick and convenient delivery from Hampshire to you!

Get in touch to buy your high quality vehicle springs!

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Knowledgable experts

Great product range 

Convenient delivery

High quality parts

FRM Truck & Trailer Spares have a great range of road springs to suit any vehicle. We have springs from many of the leading manufacturers, and can even custom design them to suit your vehicle, delivered from our base in Hampshire to you. 

Truck Driving On Highway

Our road springs available

  • Large stock carried for trucks and vans

  • Heavy duty upgrade kits available for transit, sprinter, crafter and most vans available.

  • Bespoke springs made to the requirements of you and your vehicle. 

Get expert advice

We have years of experience and a huge amount of industry knowledge, with a specialist in-depth understanding of all of the truck and van parts that we stock. We're on hand to discuss your requirements in depth, so that you can get the equipment that you need. 

Semi-Truck on Overpass
Lorry Wheels

Leading brands and bespoke parts

We have a great range of parts available, that not only work well but are specifically suited to your vehicle. If we don't have the part that you need, we can make bespoke parts for you to perfectly match the make and model of your vehicle. 

Get in touch!

Contact us to discuss your vehicle springs, and get delivery from our base in Hampshire. We're here to advise you on your vehicle parts. 

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